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❧ Synopsis ❧
… Miguel “Stacy” Santos brings down drug dealers for a living. His personal life is his own – no wife, no girlfriend, no one to run him. He can do what he wants, when he wants with no hassle. Marriage is something he’d tried and after the divorce, decided he was perfectly content as a bachelor and happy with his narcotics job. He’d been doing it for over ten years and saw no reason to change.

Until Abby…The first woman in his life who didn’t harass him about his job, doesn’t complain when he’s busy, and is just happy to spend time whatever time she can, as his chaotic schedule permits. Stacy learns to trust again; her support is priceless when he has to make an unexpected career move, putting him further into harm’s way. Can she be all he needs to stay focused and have a normal life? Will love finally find him at last amongst the drugs and the dealers? Or is he only kidding himself…?...
❧ What Readers Are Saying ❧
…Jeanine Binder is spot on with her details and either has an inside line with a narcotics officer or does her research quite thoroughly! I seriously could not put this book down once I started reading it…

… Congratulations Jeanine, another well written book with a great story.…

…You do not want to miss this amazing story the plot has just the right amount of thrill, passion and drama that will have you reading the book in one sitting…

… Loved this book, another fantastic book from Jeanine. I love her style of writing as it is so easy to read…

❧ Excerpt ❧

…It was about three am when I quietly unlocked the door to my condo. I was careful not to make any noise, not wanting to wake Abby. She’d left the bedside lamp on, so I would have light when I came in, and I stood at the foot of the bed for a couple of minutes looking down at her. She was curled up close to the middle, her hair in a braid going down her back. As I do fairly often, I give a quick prayer of thanks, and started to get undressed. I slid into bed next to her and turned off the lamp.
I pulled her into my arms and I heard her softly moan my name. I debated whether or not to wake her up – I was still pumped from the raid and the thought of releasing that made my decision for me. I gently moved her underneath me and kissed her, wanting her to be awake so I wouldn’t scare her. It only took a couple of kisses before I knew she was awake and Abby pulled me down to her, allowing me access to her wonderful body.
I was a little fierce – raids always drove my adrenaline to an all-time high. She wrapped her legs around me so I could drive deeper and this only served to bring me to my climax that much sooner. This was the serenity I had been craving for all of my life – to do the job I enjoyed and come home to make love with the person who made my life complete…

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