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Intimate time.

He begins moving inside of me with slow, exquisite strokes, his eyes never leaving mine. He looks at me in a way Ive longed to have someone look at me my whole life. Like I matter, like Im importantlike I am more. When its time for him to go back this is what Ill remember. This is what Ill keep close to me on the nights I ache for him, to remember that someone looked at me like this once. Even if I dont get it for a lifetime, its better than not getting it at all.

          Just like the man himself.

          Reaching up, I cup his strong, stubbly jaw. He encircles my wrist and kisses the inside of it, right over my tattoo.

          No words needed.

          As more tears begin to fall he leans down and catches them with his lips. Feel me, Kate. Feel nothing but me.

          I do. Youre all I feel.

          Just us, he whispers.

          Just us.

Sexy time

Let me see, baby, he demands, his voice rough with arousal.

          Swallowing past my dry throat, I take the tip of the vibrator and slide it through my slick, bare folds. I drop down to my back when I pass over my clit, a fiery whimper escaping me.

          That a girl. Its just you and me, Kate. Let the pleasure take over.

          I cup my breast, pinching my peaked nipple while keeping the vibration on my swollen nub, reveling in the most incredible sensations hurtling through me.

          Do you ever think of me when you do this to yourself? he asks, a hint of hope hidden in his deep baritone.

          Yes, always.

          Its the gods honest truth. Nick is the only man that appears in my fantasies. Hes the only one Ive ever wanted.

          He strokes himself harder and faster. Me too, baby. Ive fucked my hand thinking about you more times than I can count. My breathing speeds up as I edge closer to the cliff of destruction. Not yet, he barks, sensing my impending orgasm. Take it inside that tight little pussy. I want to see it all. Dont hold back.

          Moving the vibrator lower, I push the tip inside of me and cry out at the beautiful invasion. Pleasure whips through my senses as I begin raising my hips in rhythm to my hand.

          Good girl. Fuck yourself.

Sweet time

Theres no question that youre beautiful, Katelyn, but never forget you are more. So much fucking more.

          He looks down at me in a way Im used to being looked at by men, but its always been different with him. When he does it I feel beautiful, not cheap.

          Whats your favorite thing about me? I ask softly, then rush to elaborate. About my appearance, I mean. If you could only choose one physical attribute, what would it be?

          He doesnt hesitate with his answer. Your smile.

          His response brings one to my face. Why? I ask, unable to help myself.

          Because it means youre happy and you deserve that. You deserve to smile every second of every day.

          Thats why hes different, why hes always been different. Its why I will fight for himfor us. I wont lose him a second time.

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