Tuesday, January 12, 2016

BLOG TOUR.....when I'm Weak By Aria Grace

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When I’m Weak (Mile High Romance #2) by Aria Grace is now available!  Be sure to #oneclick your copy today!  #BuyNow



Read an excerpt of When I’m Weak:

Jamie presents a flamboyant and slutty attitude to the world because he's been hurt before. Even though it's mostly an act, he hides behind his persona to keep people at arm's length. With only a small group of trusted friends, he's vowed to never allow a man to have power over him again. Power to hurt him. Power to take away his freedom. Power to label him as a predator for the rest of his life.

Reed and his sister run a home preschool for toddlers. His focus is on getting credentialed so he can take some of the burden from Abby. He doesn't have time for friends, much less a lover, but when he meets Jamie, he recognizes something in the man that makes him want to get closer.

Unfortunately, Jamie's past prevents him from truly integrating into Reed's future. It's not just a matter of the heart. It's a matter of the law.

Born and raised in beautiful California, Aria enjoys the year round sunshine and laid back environment of the west coast. Her career started out in tech writing and web development and has evolved into all things marketing with fingers in everything related to book publishing.

She lives with her husband and two children and more pets than she can keep track of. Despite her crazy schedule, she loves the time she carves out to read and write. Whether it's on the beach or on the couch at 2am, she is a woman obsessed!

She loves to hear from readers so please feel free to drop her a note or visit her at www.ariagracebooks.com.

If you'd like to know when Aria's next book is coming out or where she'll be signing, join her mailing list at: http://bit.ly/AriaGraceFanList

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When It’s Wrong (Mile High Romance Book 1)

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Amazon CA: http://goo.gl/hb6IdR
Amazon UK: http://goo.gl/ABxvYf


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