Monday, November 9, 2015

The Homespun Holiday

STANDALONE! Dr. Mackenzie Daniels was a loner. He had the divorce, a far-away family, and well-known cranky persona to prove it. And if he had his way, he would continue on his loner way...that was, until he met the beautiful Nurse Millicent Robbins. Love and marriage had not been good to Millie Robbins in the past. All she could say was that she got a beautiful daughter out of the entire debacle. But somehow, in spite of her better judgment, she found herself falling head over heels for the grouchiest but most gorgeous doctor she’d ever met. Can Mack and Millie find their way to love in spite of their histories? Can happiness during the holidays actually exist for two star-crossed lovers? Join the entire town of Paradise for a Christmas celebration of lasting love! PREORDER The Homespun Holiday NOW for only 99 cents >>>

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