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REVIEW Just One Summer By A.D. Justice

Book Review Virginia Lee

Title: Just One Summer
Author: A.D. Justice
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Jagger York is the sexy, confident lead singer of a popular band who plans to take his music to the next level. Mali Greyson is a sheltered good girl who has her sights set on the gold–Olympic gold. Their paths would’ve never crossed until a mutual friend introduces them one summer night.

Jagger can give Mali the one thing she secretly wants and desperately needs–the courage to be a little wild and crazy. Mali can give Jagger the one thing he desperately seeks–access to her father, a well-known, music producer.

The deal is they both walk away at the end of the season. No strings, no regrets, and no looking back. This agreement is supposed to last for just one summer. But this one summer may just turn out to be too hot to handle.
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A.D. Justice has bought another wonderful book together full of characters that are not fully sure of themselves and when they meet their other half the chemistry is off the charts. What do you do for a summer, when you just let everything go and let your wild side rule? Mali is training for the Olympic and with her father protecting her from music business that he is in. Of course she has to just meet lead singer Jagger. Can they keep to what they have promise of a summer of unlimited fun, then when summer ends to just walk away like it was a dream and continue on with their lives. Will Mali see that Jagger has help her to open her heart a little and live life a little? Does Jagger see there is more to then the groupies that are always around the band? Hope to see if there will be more from the band mates and their funny wit. Highly recommend this book and the author other stories.
How would you describe the plot of this book?  Some twist
Which of these words best describes the mood? Thoughtful
How would you describe the pace? Steady
How would you describe the characters? Developed
* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review *

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