Friday, November 13, 2015



Brand new BBW military romance by Lena Bourne is now LIVE!

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ADAM (OF THE ARCHERS, BOOK1)  by Lena Bourne

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One week spent together in a secluded cabin. Two people running from their pasts. Can a chance encounter lead to love? Or is it just a moment in time, insignificant once it passes?

Taylor has just returned from a romantic vacation with her boyfriend. But instead of an "I miss you!" text from him, she gets one that's clearly meant for another woman. Which is the only reason she lets a hot stranger kiss her on the sidewalk. It's the one and only time they'll ever see each other, so why not?

Adam is used to living life on his own terms, from leaving home at 16 to join the military, to returning now, eight years later, to take care of his mother. After that, he's packing up and leaving again. The last thing he planned on was falling in love with a girl at first sight. But there she was, and now Taylor's all he can think of.

They may be perfect for each other, but they both have pasts that will not stay buried, no matter how much they want them to. And when Adam's dark past comes crashing between them, one week seems like a very short time. Even if it is a week of love, pleasure, and belonging like neither of them has known before.

Genre: BBW Romance, Military Romance, New Adult Romance

18+ only.

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