Wednesday, October 21, 2015

REVIEW Hard & Raw by Susan Laine

Book Review Virginia Lee

Title: Hard & Raw
Author: Susan Laine
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥
Late one snowy night, baker Noah Appleton breaks his delivery van. He calls Hard & Raw Repairs for a tow truck. What comes to find him that night, however, is destiny in the form of two gorgeous men.
Jake Harding is the sweetest, hottest cowboy-mechanic, while his best friend and business partner, Michael Rawlins, is a dangerous and seductive bad-boy biker. They are both tops and Doms, which thrills and scares Noah. They bid him entry into a world of sexual submission he has always wanted to experience but never dared.
Michael and Jake set out to train Noah in the ways of pleasure slavery, be it at a BDSM club, a ranch, or a garage. Along the way the three men grow closer, and sex turns into intimacy. Noah's desire for submission changes into a hope of a shared future under Wyoming winter skies.
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Susan Laine wonderful and very sexy story. Noah is a baker with his sister, one night he breaks down in the bakery van. He meets Jake who says can fix his van. Michael and Jake have been best friends for a long time and do everything together. What happens when they meet Noah and pushes their buttons to dominate him? Will the relationship between the three of them come to life? The characters are well written that you feel for Noah and want to see him fully happy.

Definitely recommended!

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